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Many Worn Words

A few years ago, I attended one of the few weddings of my recent memory at our church. I was particularly excited to be there, as it was my youth leader being married. On the big day, suits were cleaned, ties were tied (thanks, YouTube), shoes were laced, and we were on our way.

We arrived in plenty of time to help out and aid in the wedding setup. In order to accommodate as many people as possible, we had set up a video camera with a live feed to a projector screen in another room. That way, if the main room filled, any other people could still witness the wedding. Technical issues aside, we soon had our setup complete, and were pleased with the result.

I eventually decided to stay back in the extra room, in order to be available in case any issues arose. Much to our delight…

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J12: Mysteries

J12: Has there ever been a mystery in your life that you couldn’t solve that still remains a mystery? Or is a there a mystery of the universe (Is there life on Mars?) or world history (Was Shakespeare the sole author of his plays?) or current events (Did Russia interfere in the 2016 US Presidential elections?) or a conspiracy theory (Was 9/11 an inside job?) that you would particularly love to know the answer to? Or do you have an interesting “mystery/mystery solved” story to share? Tell us! 250-500 words.

This is a brand new assignment! I will use one of your stories as an example for next year. 🙂


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CW12: Whodunit?

CW12: The Mystery Mansion. Write a mystery involving these characters: a butler, a gardener, a cook, and a detective. Your story should end with the detective making an arrest. Leave it for the reader to guess WHO is guilty of the crime and HOW they did it. 800-1,500 words. Add to blog and submit for a grade. Test Your Awareness: Whodunnit?

RULES for Mystery Writing
– This can be funny and playful (Cozy Mystery) or more serious and dramatic (Crime Fiction)
– Start with the crime reveal and then get to solving it; it could be murder, kidnapping, theft, etc
– Avoid naming the characters, just call them by their titles.
– Layer your clues carefully. While certain details might seem random at first, it should all make sense at the end.
– Play with symbolism, clues, and foreshadowing in clever and unexpected ways
– Consider “red herrings” carefully
– Avoid adding additional characters; a pet or other “walk-on” character is fine
– Create a “cliffhanger” ending that to allows your reader to guess what happened. Leave the resolution in a footnote to explain everything.

FILE NAME: CW12-LastName

This is a NEW assignment. One of YOURS will be the example for the next group. Give me something good! 🙂


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Fav Knights

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Yay Christmas!

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This Robin Hood poem was the BOMB!!

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FREE Photo Sources

Thanks to Destiny for compiling this list!

Let us know if you have any more to add to the list.

Also, Flickr. Anything labeled for CC (Creative Commons) is free to use for personal, creative purposes only, meaning you’re not trying to make money off of someone else’s work.

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