A3-Guilty by Choice

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Roxanne always thought her mother was hardworking and truthful, until
she starts sneaking out at night without telling anyone. Eventually Roxanne
gets fed up with it and decides the next night to follow her. What she found
shocked her. Her hardworking, never hurt a fly mother, was stealing from her
workplace, along with some shady looking people. Will Roxanne be able to summon
enough courage to confront her mother about what she’s seen?


where’s Mom? I need to ask her if I can go to Harry’s tomorrow after school.”
Ten-year old Oliver asked, poking his head into his big sister’s bedroom.

put down the magazine she was reading and looked over at her brother. “I don’t
know. I haven’t seen her since she left around nine. Which reminds me, why
aren’t you in bed yet? It’s a school night.”

“I was, but
I forgot to ask Mom…

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Welcome Summer 2019 Students!

Hi Everyone!

Here are a few tips and reminders before class starts this week!

– There’s no homework before class starts.
YAY! There will be homework — but not yet!

– Make sure your GP6 software is updated and working correctly.
Hopefully, this part is easy for you to do.
If you have ANY trouble, please contact our live tech support team.

– You may want to click around within StudyPlace if you are new to TPS.
There’s SO much to discover in our online community — all in good time.

– We will go over everything you need to know as if you know nothing.
If this is your first online class or first TPS class, welcome! There’s much to learn, but you will pick it up quickly. For the first few weeks, I will “hold your hand” a bit.
If you are a TPS veteran, you will know a lot of this stuff — please come ready to share any of your tips with the newbies.

– I suggest you arrive 5-10 minutes early to make sure all tech is working well.
I will have a fun surprise waiting for you. 🙂

***If you are late or have tech trouble, no worries — just join us as soon as you can.
Lots of grace for this first week. Anything you miss will be recorded.

Please email me with any questions: msgaines@pottersschool.org
I look forward to having a great summer together and meeting you this week!

Ms. Gaines

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Loved this fun story…

Creative Destruction

I just know this will end badly for me. Why, you ask. Because I wrote three other stories for this and trashed them (okay, so I put them in a different doc so I could expand on those ideas, but still). Finally, I came up with this slightly less disjointed and awful story. Be as critical as you like. I can almost guarantee you that I was worse.

Hope. Keep hoping.

It’s so hard, sometimes. Whether in the summer, fall, or spring.

Winter’s hardest, though, seeing the people around you make light and make money out of a holiday that was created to celebrate the coming of Jesus as a baby.

But the worst part is the hopelessness that I see in a season that claims to be one of good cheer and warmth.

How could one be the picture of a perfect family when they had no families?…

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